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If you have questions about leasing, pricing, rent, etc. Feel free to contact us at any time. Also feel free to refer to FAQ page as it’s likely that your question may have been asked before. Thank you in advance for you interest!

Creekwalk Commons
324 W Water St
Syracuse, NY 13202




If you have issues similar to a stuck window, door hard to open, drawer won't close, bathroom faucet dripping, or a light out, please submit your requests here. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Note -- A MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY is a problem with any of the following after office hours which cannot wait until the next business day because of safety or hardship (your health, life, or home is in immediate danger) such as: issues with heat, electricity, gas, water, plumbing, or locking yourself out of your apartment.

To request help, call the office number (315) 424-1111 and tell the answering service that you have an emergency. Please explain the situation being as detailed as possible, and be sure to include your name, apartment number and telephone number. Then, please stay off your telephone in case we need to call you back.

Repair issues that do not endanger health/safety/life/property (i.e., broken cupboard shelf, light bulb blown, closet door off track, etc.), complaints about neighbors, etc., are not maintenance emergencies!

(315) 424-1111